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 LINUX Installation/Downloads.

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Metal Monkey

Metal Monkey

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PostSubject: LINUX Installation/Downloads.   Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:42 am

Here is a compiled list I have made of the main Linux systems out there. These are not "pure" Linux systems. They have other operating programs with them depending on which you choose. Some I do not recommend, some I do. For a basic tutorial and information about Linux a great site to check out is Linux Online.

-To install you just simply download the version of Linux you want from one of these sites listed below or from another I have not listed. Download time will take 30 to 120 minutes on average.

-After that is done, you will want to burn the ISO image to disk. DO NOT choose to burn as data CD // bootable CD. A GREAT tutorial on how to do this with windows/linux can be found HERE. You will want to use a DVD and burn this slowest possible speed. If you can be sure to check for defects.

-Next, you will leave the disk you just created in the drive and restart or turn on your system with the disk in it.

-Follow the instructions on screen from there. If you do not want to duel boot you will want to choose "Use entire disk" or "partition entire disk" something along those lines.

-After you finished installing it, just simply follow the instructions on screen to set it up.

Note: Some Linux systems may differ from this, so be sure to check the site you downloaded it from before installing.


There are other versions of Ubuntu for other applications. Aside from Ubuntu, there are other variants to choose from for different applications. KUBUNTU(More for slower/older computers),EDUBUNTU(For learning/teaching),XUBUNTU(More for laptops)





END NOTE: I have listed a few of the "main" variants. For a wider selection see Linux distributions.

Disclaimer: I am not liable for anything that goes wrong. This is just a basic guide and it is up to the person installing, configuring, downloading, or anyone else to read the instructions from the download sites given.

-Metal Monkey

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LINUX Installation/Downloads.
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