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 Game Modes

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Metal Monkey

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PostSubject: Game Modes   Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:53 am

Game Modes:

Rush -- The Rush game mode consists of an assault force attempting to destroy pairs of objectives. By destroying the two initial objective crates, a secondary set of objectives will open and the assault continues. Repeating this process will open up the third and then final pair of objectives. The assaulting team wins by destroying all objectives, while the defensive gains a victory by stopping the assault.

Conquest -- Conquest is the classic Battlefield game type where two teams battle each-other over control of outposts.

Both teams start with a full bar of health which falls slightly each time a team member is killed. The more control points are owned by the opposing team, the more team health is lost each per death. Each map has series of these control points scattered throughout the landscape, and a team can gain control over a territory by standing near the outposts flag pole when there is no members of the opposing team in close proximity of the control point.

Squad Deathmatch -- Squad Deathmatch is a brand new multiplayer mode in the Bad Company series. In this game mode, 4 squads of 4 players each race each other to be the first to reach 50 kills. The center of each Squad Deathmatch map contains one Infantry Fighting Vehicle, and squad mates can spawn on the outer edges of the map or on their squad mates.

Squad Rush -- Squad Rush is similar to rush in that it is focused on attacking and defending M-Com objectives. There are a number of differences however. Each team can only have 1 squad for a maximum of 4vs4. The levels are also smaller, and contain only two sections with a single M-Com objective. The matches are designed to be fast-paced and hectic providing a high level of instant intense action.

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Game Modes
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