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PostSubject: Tags, Pins, and Insignias   Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:50 am

Bronze – Knife a player with rank of 1-21 which is up to First Sergeant III, stopping before the officer rank.
Silver – Knife a player with the rank of 22-45 which is from Warrant Officer I to Colonel III.
Gold – Knife a player with the rank of 46-50 which is Brigadier General to General of the Army.


Assault Rifle Efficiency

Kill 7 enemies with assault rifles

Grenade Launcher Efficiency

Kill 4 enemies with grenade launchers

Sniper Rifle Efficiency

Kill 7 enemies with sniper rifles

Handgun Efficiency

Kill 4 enemies with handguns

Shotgun Efficiency

Kill 4 enemies with shotguns

Rocket Launcher Efficiency

Kill 5 enemies with rocket launchers

Light Machine Gun Efficiency

Kill 7 enemies with light machine guns

Submachine Gun Efficiency

Kill 7 enemies with sub-machine guns

Emplacement Efficiency

Kill 5 enemies with stationary weapons

Explosive Efficiency

Kill 4 enemies with explosives

Melee Efficiency

Kill 4 enemies with melee weapons

Anti Vehicle Efficiency

Destroy 4 enemy vehicles

Combat Efficiency

Reach a kill streak of 6

Combat Excellence

Reach a kill streak of 8

Kill Assist

Do 7 kill assists


Do 2 savior kills


Do 2 avenger kills


Do 5 headshots


Be the best player in a round

Gold Squad

Be part of the best squad in a round


Kill an enemy 5 times


Kill your nemesis

Squad Member

Obtain one attack and one defend order

Wheels Of Hazard

Do 3 road kills with any vehicle

Car Warfare

Kill 4 enemies with cars

Tank Warfare

Kill 7 enemies with tanks

Naval Warfare

Kill 4 enemies with sea vehicles

Air Warfare

Kill 5 enemies with air vehicles

M-Com Attacker

Blow up 4 M-COM stations

M-Com Defender

Defend 4 M-COM stations

Rush Winner

Win a Rush round

Conquest Winner

Win a Conquest round

Squad Deathmatch

Win a Squad Deathmatch round

Squad Rush Winner

Win a Squad Rush round

Flag Attacker

Capture 4 flags

Flag Defender

Defend 4 flags

Resupply Ops

Do 7 resupplies

Surveilance Ops

Do 5 motion mine assists

Medical Ops

Do 5 revives

Maintenance Ops

Perform 7 repairs


Elite Marksman Combat 500 Headshots

Distinguished Siderarm Combat 100 kills with pistols

Distinguished Grenade Combat 100 kills with grenades

Distinguished Melee Combat 100 kills with knife

Elite Melee Combat 200 kills with knife

Distinguished Anti Vehicle Combat 500 vehicles destroyed

Long Service Assault Weapons Combat 500 kills with assault rifles

Long Service Support Weapons Combat 500 kills with LMGs

Anti Vehicle Combat 200 vehicle damages

Long Service Radio Warfare 100 tracer plants

Distinguished Retaliation Combat 5 Nemesis Pins, 5 Payback Pins

Exemplary Marksman Combat 100 sniper rifle Marksman Headshots

Distinguished Remote Explosives Combat 100 C4 kills

Long Service Sniping Weapons Combat 500 kills with sniper rifles

Long Service Tactical Weapons Combat 500 kills with shotguns

Long Service Medical Ops 100 Heals

Long Service Resupply Ops 100 Resupplies

Long Service Surveillance Ops 100 Motion Mine Spot Assists

Long Service Maintenance Ops 100 Repairs

Combat Veteran 5000 kills

Distinguished Combat Efficiency 50 Combat Efficiency Pins

Distinguished Combat Excellence 50 Combat Excellence Pins

Long Service Light Weapons Combat 500 kills with submachine guns

Distinguished Explosives Combat 100 kills using Mines

Elite Mutiple Target Combat 50 Double kills

Distinguished Marksman Combat 100 Headshots

Superior Service Duty 1 day spent online

Distinguished Service Duty 2 days spent online

Elite Service Duty 5 days spent online

Conquest Good Conduct 100 Flag Captures

Rush Good Conduct 100 M-COM Stations Destroyed

Exemplary Weapon Service 12 weapon pins

Exemplary Combat Service 11 combat pins, 12 weapon pins

Exemplary Vehicle Service 5 vehicle pins

Elite Service 40 unique pins

Distinguished Weapon Knowledge Get all weapon bronze stars

Distinguished Vehicle Knowledge Get all vehicle bronze stars

Distinguished Artillery Combat 100 kills using Mortar Strikes

Distinguished Battlefield Knowledge Get all bronze stars

Exemplary Battlefield Knowledge Get 10 silver stars

Elite Battlefield Knowledge Get 5 gold stars

Valorous Battlefield Knowledge Get 2 platinum stars

Squad Teamwork Ops 20 Squad defend orders, 20 Squad attack orders

Squad Combat Assistance 100 Squad Assists

Squad Resupply Ops 100 Squad Resupplies

Squad Repair Ops 100 Squad Repairs

Squad Medical Ops 50 Squad Heals, 50 Squad Revives

Squad Surveillance Ops 50 Squad Motion Mine Spots

Squad Tactical Ops 200 Squad spawns on you

Squad Retaliation Ops 20 Squad avenges, 50 Squad kill assists

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Tags, Pins, and Insignias
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