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 Counter Strike Source Rates and Useful Console Commands.

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Metal Monkey

Metal Monkey

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PostSubject: Counter Strike Source Rates and Useful Console Commands.   Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:44 am


Here is a list of some useful console commands. Just copy and paste these in your console. To activate your console enable this by going to "options"<"keyboard"<"advanced", then checking the "Enable Developer Console" box. To open Console use the "~" key.

sv_voice 1 (0=off, 1=on - Turns voice communication off/on in server.)

Recommended transfer rates that should be used to maximize performance.:

rate 3500 - rate 50000 (The faster your internet connection the higher you should make this, up to 100000 for some servers. A lot of servers force these rates. So don't be surprised if they change.)
cl_cmdrate 101
cl_updaterate 101
net_graph 3 (FPS/rates menu located on bottom of screen.0=off 1=left side 2= middle 3=right side

Crosshair commands:

cl_crosshaircolor 0 - Green (Default)
cl_crosshaircolor 1 - Red
cl_crosshaircolor 3 - Yellow
cl_crosshaircolor 2 - Blue
cl_crosshairscale 2500 (Crosshair size. The bigger the number the smaller the crosshair.)


cl_radar_alpha 1 (0=off 1=on - Displays Radar off or on)

Radar display:

cl_radar_locked 1 (0=off 1=on - Locks the angle of the radar screen)
cl_radaralpha # (where # is 0 to 255, Sets transparency of radar display. Transparent to opaque)
drawradar 1 (0=off 1=on - Shows the location text under your radar screen)
hideradar 1 (0=off 1=on - Hides the location text under your radar screen)
overview_alpha # (where # is 0, 0.5, or 1 - Adjusts overview map translucency (transparent, semi-transparent, opaque)
overview_health 1 (0=off 1=on - Shows player’s health in map overview.)
overview_locked 1 (0=off 1=on - Locks map angles so the map does not follow your point of view angle)
overview_names 1 (0=off 1=on - Shows player’s name in map overview)
overview_preferred_mode # (where # is 0, 1, or 2 - Determines preferred overview mode while in spectator mode (off, mini-map, full map))
overview_tracks 1 (0=off 1=on - Shows player’s tracks in map overview)

BINDS(You may use any key you choose instead of using "i".):

bind i "say !bank" (For servers running !bank)
bind i "say @givecash #all 16000" (Admin command to give cash to all)

Note: If you need helping binding anything else not listed, feel free to ask.

Bunny Hop:
Go to keyboard or key settings in the option menu and edit your "jump" key. You will bind this to your mouse wheel "up" or "down". Then practice timing it and you will gain speed from this.

Note: Some servers ban people for bunny hopping.

Let us know if you would like to see anything added or have any questions. Enjoy.

-Metal Monkey

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Counter Strike Source Rates and Useful Console Commands.
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